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Hall of Fame (Weeks 156-336)

As part of the "housekeeping" I keep mentioning, I've been spending some time compiling a great, big, shiny Hall of Fame for all of the first place icons of past challenges! Apparently a lot of past moderators had deleted their accounts, and all of their posts within the community were deleted along with them, hence why I only did these weeks. I'm always really proud of all the gorgeous icons our members have produced, and I've got to say, they look even more amazing all together. See for yourself! (:

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Week 336: Free For All

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in this week's challenge! Here are your results. (:

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As I've said before, this will be my last challenge as mod; thanks again to everyone who participated! I'll spend the next week or so doing some housekeeping whatever that means. I want to get as much of the old banners done before handing it off to the next mod, so if anyone's willing to help out with the weeks that still haven't been made on the rotation, just leave a comment with your made banners!

If anyone's interested in being ff_awards' next moderator, be sure to check out the application post over here! (:
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Moderator Application Form

We are looking for a new moderator to take over ff_awards! Previous moderating experience is not necessary, although it can be nice. Applicants will need a basic knowledge of html to code the posts, however (ie: linking pages, lj-cuts, displaying images), but it won't be anything too complicated. I don't want to leave too many instructions or scare anyone else off lol 8D; on how to manage this community because I think every mod has their own style and what works for one person is different from what works for another. Basically, just keep the community running, keep the members inspired, and have fun! (:

Please submit the following form to this screened post:

Username: Self-explanatory!
Past Experience: Have you moderated an icontest before? Bannermaker? Avid participant? Longtime lurker?
What you can offer to this community: Any ideas? Suggestions? Plan of action? I want to see that I'm leaving my baby in capable hands and that you can change it for the better!
Additional Info: Any final comments, tell me why you want this position, etcetera!

Now I know I've somehow unintentionally managed to make this all look super intimidating, but if you're interested in taking over ff_awards, then by all means, go for it and apply! All I'm really looking for is someone who's into iconning, who's into Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts, and who has the time! Again, this is a long-term commitment; I don't want someone who's gonna flake out after a few weeks, so make sure you have the time! This really isn't a hard job at all, though it absolutely requires dedication. I always say that real life comes first, but keep in mind, by taking on this position you have people who are depending on you to keep it updated on a regular and timely basis. There's currently no set deadline for when you can apply; I may keep it open until I have a good variety of candidates to choose from, or if no one's interested at the moment I'll keep it open indefinitely.

Any questions, feel free to ask! (:
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Week 336: Final Reminder

Hey guys, here's your final reminder for Week 336: Free For All! There's still over one hour left until submission closes, so if you haven't entered already, be sure to do so! This week's challenge is a free-for-all, meaning you don't have any extra rules or restrictions this week, so I want to see what you guys can do! Be sure to drop your icons off over here before it's too late! (: