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Final Fantasy Awards

a general final fantasy icontest

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Final Fantasy Awards
Welcome to ff_awards! This is a weekly icontest dedicated to the Final Fantasy series and its spin-offs, originally founded by fatali in 2004.
Your current mod is anniereckless.
• O1. You must be a member of this community to participate
• O2. Members may submit up to two icons per challenge
• O3. Icons must meet LJ standards (100x100 max, 40KB max, JPG, PNG, GIF)
• O4. All entries must pertain to either the Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts series
• O5. Icons must be made specifically for each challenge; no cross participation
• O6. You may only use official art in your icons unless stated otherwise
• O7. Do not display your icon in any way until results are posted
• O8. Respect all members of this community
• O9. Have fun! (:

Severe violation of any of these rules (save the last one) may lead
to banishment from the community so play nice, kids!
Submission: Challenges are posted every Sunday and close on Saturday at 10pm PST
Voting: Members vote from Saturday evening until Sunday at approximately 10pm
Results: Winners are revealed Sunday evening

* Submission reminders are generally posted on Thursdays and Saturdays.
Theme Rotations
Lyrical: Icon must include three consecutive words from the provided lyrics
Image: Icon base must be derived from one of five to seven provided images
Resource: Icon must feature one of four provided resources
Mod's Choice: Self explanatory; almost anything goes

Submit all icons in the following format:

Series: Final Fantasy VIII
Character: Chocobo
(Community Icon by whispyr)
• Don't vote for yourself
• Don't get your friends to vote for you
• Don't vote for the same icon twice

Members will vote for their favorite three icons in the order of placement; votes are counted according to the three point system (ie: first place - 3 pts, second place - 2 pts, third place - 1 pt).

In the event that there is a tie, the tie will be broken in favor of those who vote.

When we receive at least 15 submissions, there will be one of the following special categories available for placement:
• Best Color
• Best Composition
• Best Crop
• Most Creative
• Best Typography
• Layout code - minty_peach
• Profile code - reversescollide
• Layout Header - anniereckless

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